23.12.2017 г.

The End of Pirin`s Meru: Beauty and Freedom ....

         Morning, fresh and clear ... sleeping with the Gods is difficult, getting easy and early, waiting for a long journey and getting back to town ... It's time for a dessert that has nothing else to do but the most beautiful climb in Pirin - the welcome of the sun among hundreds of edelweiss on the eastern wall of Banski Suhodol :

   So air, air passage...There is no water ... as it is anywhere in the Pirin Marble Pond, the water is only ice or snow that I load in the half-timer before the sunrise:

      The Western Guard and the ghastly chute between her and the Eastern of Banski Suhodol shimmered.

        Although the equipment: sleeping bag, tent, food, backpack is relatively light and try a slightly more difficult version of the 400-meter wall, a direct right up to the highlight:

         When I think, a few months ago I was wondering if I could get 500 meters even, and now where the wind blows me.

          The  sunrise, old old hymns sounded :  https://youtu.be/TH6r0GtuKMA

When I think, a few months ago I was wondering if I could get 500 meters even, and now where the wind blows me. I do not have a rope or wedges, I only rely on hands and scraps.

          Up is just Beauty:

Down is only Freedom:

   Another hundred meters away is the site with a large tuft of Edelweiss, a place for water and rest. Here again, after a month we meet:

    The tricky vertical section above the landing site can surround a lot of air and long traverse to the middle of the wall from here to the left:

    Then, from the middle of the wall, it goes out again. But with the backpack, and a strong breeze out of the gallows, I will fly hundreds of meters on the cross traversing ... and there are also trapped areas with no slit, just a smooth rock ....
        look, look up ... no grip, no step: 
I thought of Renan's words, the third of Maru's liaison:
 "Conrad and Jimmy stood in front of a stretch that I thought was impossible to climb, and no way through it. They entered the wall and found tiny roughness that led them up and up. "
    Was it true, dude? Do not you f*k with the simple people from the Balkans? There is no way, the man has told him, I will try the way. Another solution does not. The edge on the right is more uneven, but it is very unstable, rolling rocks and between them hangs 3-4 meters, so my road is up and in the middle of the pond. If the edelweiss helped, there was a lot in this place ...

    In full focus, here is played at the top of the fingers only. The backpack, the backpack ..... how it weighs and pulls down ........ I come to a stable roughness in the overhang. Let's get her and take a photo ....

     ... let the photo get just down, I can only swirl the door slightly and release one, right hand:

        In such places, Edelweiss is typical of growing up horizontally and in rare cases, even down with the colors ...
         Down there, what a terrible fright is, all the way :

This is his beauty here - air, flight. After this 50-meter-high wall, it's gotten easier
   And soon comes the success of crossing the huge wall ... the words are superfluous, it's just great.
       That was, my Meru, for some modest and little, great return to the Mountain, for which I am grateful that it could be. Eight days and nights in the wild marble share of Pirin. My wife, if she knew where I was, would have locked in and cast the key somewhere.

When you are young it is easy ...

Now, as I am already for many more years than all the participants in the real Meru...How does a mountain abandon and if it is possible .... I do not know until the peaks are there I will look at them ....

                                                              Whenever we were singing for you
                                                       and your stars on a clear night we count ...
                                                                  so we changed our souls ...
                                                                       my Pirin mountain!

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